What began as a compulsion to articulate slowly transformed into a compulsion to document.  To preserve something in memory, if not in time, of those spaces and moments that generally do not merit out attention, those parts of the world we see out of the corner of our eyes, the emptiness that hazes at the edges of our attention.  An empty storefront, a graffiti encrusted fire hydrant, a mud puddle filling with concrete dust, a marred and empty service entrance, a stretch of the banal asphalt street, a patch of weeds.  These are the spaces we make without intention and they are myriad and forever changing and from which we turn our eyes.

Amateur street photography.  Shot on a Lubitel 2 TLR. 

Signed prints available upon request.  

All images © 2015 Martin D. Byrne


Martin D. Byrne
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